Get fit for your next surf adventure with these short workouts

The quaint surf town of Playa Grande just had a gym open called Flex and Flow. I observed a few members of our surfing town attending the classes there. Over a few months I saw people looking more fit and watched their surfing improve as well. I decided it was time to check it out. I took a few of their early morning classes thinking “I’m fit already, this should be easy for me”. Well it was so hard I decided to take a private training session with one the gym’s founders Hyam. We took a few videos of some workouts that I think would be beneficial for building strength and balance for your next surf trip.

Core and arm strengthen workout

I had been doing plank and yoga push ups without tucking my pelvis under creating a dip in my low back. Please have someone watch you or workout in front of a mirror to see your alignment. This is a great core and arm work out, if you can find something heavy to put your hands against and then walk the feet out until the back is flat. Its good to start in this position then slowly work your way walking the feet further away from you. Also notice my hands, the thumbs are pointed inward. Practice this position before moving to a yoga push up to get your alignment . Hold for 30 secs 3 reps increasing the seconds by 15 each time.

Plank walk out with feet elevated

This is a great core and arm strength exercise. You can put your feet on the end of your bed or on something higher like a chair. Walk hands out until they are directly under shoulders. Bring chest all the way between shoulders and try to keep hips from moving side to side.

Yoga push up

Hands under shoulders, chest between arms. Knees can be lifted or on ground. You want the back to be flat. Notice my spine is slightly dipped near my low back. Ideally you want your back straight. You will feel it more in your core when you are in perfect alignment. 5 times 3 reps

Bun burner

Stand on something super sturdy. Its good to have someone spot you. What I liked about this workout is how much easier you will find it on your dominant leg. I could barley do one round on my left side without a spotter. I couldn't get my left foot nearly as close to the ground as my right foot. I was sore for a few days after but I love being sore from a good workout.

Start with 5 reps of each workout and do 3 rounds. Check Flex and Flow Facebook page to see what they are all about.

Thank you for reading and feel free to share. Coco