Chelsea, Coco and Marjie are three best friends and sisters from the Virgin Islands. Growing up on the Islands, the girls were exposed to a healthy lifestyle at a very young age. They learned the importance of eating fresh local fruits and vegetables and taking care of the body through massage, yoga, and daily swims in the ocean. 

Natural born water babies, the girls quickly developed a love of surfing. As they grew, their passion for surf evolved. Their enthusiasm for surfing has taken them all around the world living in places including Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Costa Rica in search of great waves and sharing their passion of surfing. 

The three sisters moved to Australia to study Sports Management, Surf Studies. It was here where the Sister Surf & Yoga Retreat was born.

Their retreat is a perfect blend of each of their talents, massage, yoga, art, all bound together by their incredible love of surfing.



Certified massage therapist

Currently living+ surfing in Costa Rica

Oldest sister, surf instructor + massage therapist

Marjie is a surf instructor as well as the massage therapist for the retreats. She studied massage therapy on Kauai, Hawaii and has participated in a few workshops in Costa Rica and Thailand. She has been practicing massage for over 10 years and does a variety of different techniques to help with injuries, after sports and general relaxation. She is a new mom and when not working she is spending time with her daughter Alaia and tries to jump in the ocean everyday even for a quick 30 minute surf session. She lives in Costa Rica with her husband and daughter just a few minutes from the beach.



Certified yoga instructor

Currently living + surfing in California

Middle sister, surf instructor + yoga instructor

Coco studied yoga at the Dyhana Ayurvedic Center in Sebastopol, California. She got her 200 Rty in 2014, her yoga style ia a combination of Iyengar and Vinyasa Yoga with a focus on poses for surfers. During the retreat she teaches mostly yin yoga (deep stretching and relaxation) and a few vinyasa classes focusing on balance, strength, and breath.

She has been surfing 15 years and has taught surfing in the US Virgin Islands, Costa Rica, Australia, and Long Island NY. She received a diploma of sports management/ surfing studies in 2009 at Southern Cross University, 

Queensland New South Wales, Australia. 

She loves sunsets, running on the beach, being barefoot, coconuts, and hunting for perfect waves and empty line ups.

Currently she resides in Northern California with her twin flame of 9 years.



Aspiring artist

Currently living + surfing in Puerto Rico 

Baby sister, surf instructor + artist

Chelsea pretty much grew up in the ocean. Being from a place like St. John, US Virgin Islands it would be hard not to love the sea! It's like growing up in water world. She spent a lot of time sailing as a kid but wasn't until the age of 12 that she started surfing with Marjie & Coco. Once they started surfing it was ON!  Surfing has taken Chelsea all over the world to places like Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Hawaii, Australia, Puerto Rico, California & Mexico. Australia is where the girls went to university to study Sports Management Surfing Studies. This is where they became certified surf coaches and where the retreat idea sparked! She has been teaching surfing for over 10 years and always has so much enthusiasm and patience in the water. She'll have you smiling and surfing better before you know it! Just two years ago Chelsea and Marjie competed in the ISA World Surfing Games in Nicaragua, they were the first two women to ever compete representing the US Virgin Islands. A super proud moment for them and their home. That trip got them so inspired and fired up to continue to improve their own surfing skills as well as others. When Chelsea is not teaching at the retreat you can find her surfing, adventuring and painting beautiful things by the sea in Puerto Rico where she now lives with her husband Raul.



Owners of hotel y restaurante la marejada + our mom

Playa Grande is one of the most consistent surf breaks in Costa Rica located in the northern province of Guanacaste. It is a marine sanctuary created to protect giant leatherback turtles that lay their eggs along the dunes here. The beach is four miles long with waves in both directions creating the perfect place to learn to surf.